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RMCO's Colorado Climate Network

RMCO and other organizations in May 2009 launched a new Colorado Climate Network to support local climate programs. RMCO administers the Network, which is run for and guided by local governments in Colorado that have or are starting local climate-protection and climate-adaptation programs.

The announcement of the new network was made by Mayors John Hickenlooper of Denver and Doug Hutchinson of Fort Collins and the executive directors of the Colorado Muncipal League and the Colorado Association of Ski Towns.

The network has its own, separate website, at Please go there for full details of the network, including the list of the current members, the services offered by the network, and information on how to join.

The Colorado Climate Network is an outgrowth of RMCO's Colorado Climate Project, which included recommendations for climate actions by local governments as well as the state government. After our Climate Action Panel submitted its report, RMCO at first started a follow-on Local Initiative to seek adoption and implementation of the recommendations for actions by local governments. The most important of those recommenations is that Colorado local governments adopt comprehensive local climate-protection programs, as some (but a relative few) local governments in the state have. As members of the Local Initiative Steering Committee began working on that mission in 2008, what they quickly began to focus on was the need for a statewide network to support those local governments that already have such programs (but which too often work without enough support) and those local governments just beginning, or interested in beginning, their own programs. That led to the creation of the Colorado Climate Network, whose membership includes all or nearly all local governments in the state (and one in Utah) that are overtly addressing climate change at a local level; the Colorado Municipal League; and other related organizations.