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On October 26, 2010, RMCO and the Natural Resources Defense Council released a report, California's National Parks in Peril: The Threats of Climate Disruption. The report details how climate disruption could affect ten national parks in California. New coverage included a front-page article in the San Francisco Chronicle, complete with a color graphic: Global warming seen as threat to state's parks, October 27. "Stunted redwoods, flooded campgrounds and a mighty Yosemite waterfall reduced to a trickle. Those are a few of the dire consequences facing 10 California parks over the next century because of rapidly changing climate patterns, according to a new study by an environmental think tank. 'We're trying to illustrate that the ways we affect the climate affect the places we love,' said Stephen Saunders, a former deputy at the U.S. Department of the Interior under President Bill Clinton and president of the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Climate Organization in Denver. 'It's not just about ice caps and polar bears. This is going to hit us at home.'"

Other news coverage on our California report included Joshua Tree: Temperatures could rival Death Valley, study finds, in the Riverside Press-Enterprise; Report Predicts Hot Future For California National Parks, Scientific American; Visit Death Valley soon -- it’s just going to get hotter, San Francisco Business Times; New Study: Yosemite Could Get Hotter Than Sacramento:
California’s National Parks, Economy Face Climate-Change Threats
,; Study: Yosemite could get hotter than Sacramento, Central Valley Business Times; New Study: Yosemite Could Get Hotter Than Sacramento, Sacramento Bee; and more.

Climate Change Could Spell Disaster for National Parks: Hotter temperatures, higher seas viewed as “greatest threat ever” to country’s scenic treasures, Miller-McCune, September 20, 2010, featured RMCO's work. “'Climate change is a huge, transforming, all-encompassing threat to the national parks,' said Stephen Saunders, founder and president of the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, a nonprofit group that released a report with the Natural Resources Defense Council last year naming Dry Tortugas, Jamestown, Glacier and Joshua Tree as four of the nation's 25

most imperiled national parks. 'This is not just about melting polar ice caps,' Saunders said. 'It's about places close to home that we love.'"

On September 1, RMCO and the Natural Resources Defense Council released a report, Virginia Special Places in Peril: Jamestown, Chincoteague, and Shenandoah Threatened by Climate Disruption. The report details how Jamestown, the site of the first permanent European settlement in what became the American colonies and the United States, may be lost to rising waters of the James River, pushed higher by rising seas and tidal waters. Likely climate-change Impacts to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Shenandoah National Park are documented, too. News coverage included: USA Today, Report: Climate change threatens historic Jamestown, Va; AOL News, Report: Historic Jamestown Could Be Wiped Off Map; Newport News Daily Press, Climate change report says rising seas, tropical storms cover Jamestown Island. Previous RMCO-NRDC reports focused on national parks across the country and on Glacier National Park. An interview program, Virginia Insight, on a Charlottesville public radio station on September 20 featured Stephen Saunders of RMCO and others talking about the report.

On May 26, RMCO and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), released a report, Special Places at Risk in the Gulf: Impacts of the BP Oil Catastrophe. The report lists the 15 top national and state parks and wildlife areas, and their key resources, threatened by oil contamination from the BP oil blowout. News coverage included Report: Oil spill threatens state parks, in the South Florida Business Journal, articles at CNBC and by National Parks Traveler, and a photo gallery of the listed special places by the Beaumont (Texas) Enterprise. Among several radio interviews featuring Stephen Saunders, president of RMCO and report co-author, was one on Texas Matters on Texas Public Radio, on May 28, and another on First Coast Connect on Jacksonville public radio station WJCT on July 27.