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RMCO Analysis of More Heat in the West

In our 2008 report, Hotter and Drier: The West's Changed Climate, released in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, RMCO documented how the West has gotten hotter at a greater rate than the planet as a whole, and also more than most of the United States.

  Overall, the 11 western states have seen temperature increases 70 percent greater than the globe as a whole. The greatest western warming has been in the Colorado River basin, where it affects the snow-fed river that is the most important water source of the interior West.

100 Years of Increasing Temperatures:
More in the West, Most in the Colorado River Basin

Five-year average temperatures for 1908-12, 1913-17, and so on through 2003-2007, compared to 20th centuray averages for each area. Analysis by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization. Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Learn more from the RMCO-Natural Resources Defense Council report Hotter and Drier: The West's Changed Climate.